Case | Pathé


Pathé Cinemas is a leading European chain of cinemas and film production & distribution company.  Founded in 1896 in France, it now also has strong market positions in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland.

Business Challenge

How to drive conversion of digital advertising to movie ticket sales?

How to advertise the right selection of locally available movies in Pathé Cinemas?

How to be more cost effective, improve quality and be highly engaging at the same time?


Introduce dynamically created digital advertising that is localized and targeted to the audience’s movie preferences.

Use interactive Video in Display (HTML5) ads that allow consumers to see what movies are playing at their local theater, view trailers, show times and seat availability.

Movies shown in ads are customized based on audience profile.

After selecting the theater location, movie, show time/date and seat selection, consumers are automatically redirected to for payment processing.

Built as HTML5, ad cost is significantly lower than regular video ads.

Ad Examples

Here are 2 examples of the many thousands of different variations of the dynamically created digital video ads, personalized to the target audience’s location, movie preference, search behavior and social profile.  Click to play.

Target Audience A

seen on

Play Video

Target Audience B

seen on

Play Video


+ 0 %
Significant increase in CTR (+60%) vs. previous (non-interactive) campaign.
+ 0 %
Strong uplift increase in ticket sales (+127%) vs. previous (non-interactive) campaign.
@ 0 %
High interaction with ads @ 5%.